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It’s no secret…we’re HUGE fans of Susan Guagliumi.   She rates right up there with droolers Tim Kang and Simon Baker.   This lead us on a quest for all of the Susan videos out there.  Be aware that these videos were clearly a VHS video transferred to DVD and the production quality shows it.    Also, because these videos are so old, there may be slight variations (ie the dial markings on our LK150 is slightly different from the one on the video – they’re all there, they are just printed differently on the dial).   Nevertheless, the info is there and still has value.

Here’s what we’ve found:

  • The Silver LK-150 Knitting Machine Workshop – an EXCELLENT video for first time users of the LK-150 as well as for beginning machine knitters.  Though, if you don’t have a plastic machine, you would not want this video since metal machines are slightly different.  Costs a fortune…but think of it this way, if you paid for a 1.5 hr private lesson, you’d pay the same amount or more.  This is your private lesson with Susan.  

    GooseRating: Must have for folks who are new to plastic machines or inexperienced machine knitters using the LK150
  • Introduction to Machine Knitting – We don’t have this video and cannot comment.  It appears to be the introduction video for all the metal bed machines.
  • Punch Card Knitting – again, we don’t have this video, but we think you might want it if you have one of the Silver Reed punch card machines.
  • Single Bed Accessory Video – WHOA!   What a find!!!  Susan…thanks for this video.  It only makes us wish for more accessories.   In most cases, Susan shows you the manual way, without accessory and the easier, with accessory method.   Unfortunately, the manual way is shown quickly and without much detail…hey, she’s trying to sell you the automatic accessory!

    Ok…here’s what’s included – YC6 yarn changer, LC580 Lace carriage, AW-1 – Weaving arm, SC-3 Linker, Garter bar and stopper.   Most interesting part?  Check out how fast she moves that linker!!!  WHOA!   We thought we were supposed to do it slow, but Susan does it fast.  Second most interesting part is her demo of how the lace carriage transfers the stitches.   We love how she truly shows how the machine works!   That way, we know that if that’s not happening, well…we know something’s funny and we need to investigate

    GooseRating: Must have for those of you who have these accessories or want to buy them for your standard gauge, metal bed machine.  DO NOT BUY IF YOU DON’T WANT TO OWN AN ACCESSORY!   This video will cause you to want every single one of them!
  • DL-1000 Video Workbook – If you have the DL-1000 linker, this is another essential private lesson with Susan showing the basics of how to use the linker plus some cool things you can do with it, besides linking. 

    GooseRating: We think that if you own the linker, you’d want the video.  If you don’t own this linker, it may not be of value to you.
  • Hand Manipulated Stitches – This is a video for folks who know the basics of using their machine.  She assumes you know casting on, casting off, basic knitting etc.     So let’s say that this is an intermediate video.   She talks about the following topics:

    Twisted Stitches
    Bridging (getting more yarn into some but not all stitches in the same row)
    Woven Stitches
    Fish Scales
    Transferred Stitches

    A warning is required here….she shows you NEATO tools that are no longer available for purchase.   If this could be upsetting to you, please turn your head at that scene in the first part of the video and black out the page in the book.   We must do both for our geese since they could become jealous and obsessed with finding tools that aren’t available…and this doesn’t lead to a happy family living situation, as you can imagine.

    GooseRating: Get this video once you’re comfortable with your machine and have made some basic stockinette projects with shaping.  Then, you’re ready for these techniques.
  • EC-1 Video – We finally got our video and it’s really informative.  Interestingly enough…it covers much of the basics of threading the machine!   It’s almost like the video was designed for people who just got their machine, but it comes with the EC-1…HMMM!!!   Not only does it explain some neat little tricks for using EC-1 (as well as basic operation), it explains PE-1 too!!!   Why do they have an “EC-1” video that includes “Basic machine operation” and “PE-1”????   But hey…we’re not complaining at all.  

    It also includes the critical Knit = combo that will retrieve your pattern after turning PE-1 off.   Susan really knows to tell us all the good stuff.   So if you have PE-1 but want Susan to hold your hand…get the EC-1 video!   Susan also says that there’s  the EC-1 supplemental manual.  We don’t have this, but we find it interesting that there’s another manual when the instructions are in the basic manual….  HMMMMM

    The interesting thing???  Susan does what we do…she has a little slip of paper that she keeps with her PE-1 to know what these patterns are (yes, Silver Reed…you should have been nice enough to let us type in the names…).  And she instinctively wants to prop her PE-1 just as we did.  Too bad we didn’t know earlier…we could have sent her our PE-1 stand building measured drawing….

    GooseRating: Quite necessary for you if you have EC-1, PE-1 or a built in mylar reader